We are new to the Chattanooga area and have felt very welcome when visiting the River Gallery. Their team has been helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and encouraging without being pushy. We love the range of art on display, and have purchased quite a few items. The art we've acquired at River Gallery is appreciated and enjoyed on a daily basis!

           Joe and Amy Kruger; Collectors

Working with the River Gallery staff through the years has expanded my imagination, my understanding of art and artists, and my exposure to different mediums. Most importantly, as a result, my life has become enriched, not only by the art, but also by their friendship.

            Anonymous; Collector


10 years ago, I met the owner of River Gallery by chance. Ever since, she and the staff have been a supportive and encouraging force for my art. Friendly staff make me feel welcome in person and over the phone. I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing art gallery.

            Anonymous; Commissioned and Represented Artist

I have been working with River Gallery for years. Through that time we have both grown with the work and our artistic vision. I cherish the time that I visit and interact with the gallery crew.

            Mark Chatterly; Commissioned and Represented Artist