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Saturday, May 11, 1-3pm




Porcelain Demo with Deneece Harrell



"I have found beauty in transformation and restoration expressed through every organic sculptural vessel I create. My vessels encapsulate, hold, and invite you to reflect on your own life's experiences. The experiences that have shaped us - creating the dialogue of our lives. Forming our character and revealing our hearts as we respond to inexpressible joy and fulfillment interwoven with loss, pain, and disappointment."


-Deneece Harrell


Spirit Series #3 Offering, porcelain with 23.5K gold leaf, Deneece Harrell


Deneece will be bringing new works!!

Saturday, July 6, 12-2pm


Painting Demo with June Rollins



"Light and a sense of connection draw me to my subjects. I work small with the intent of passing on to the viewer the sense of wonder and intimacy I experienced when the subject first called to me."


-June Rollins

Little Maestro, oil on panel, June Rollins


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