Jacqueline Green

Jacqueline Green


John C. Campbell Folk School


Jacqueline creates her baskets and cards entirely by hand. She collects the pine needles, washes and dries them, dyes, and then painstakingly stitches the baskets together. Her cards are created with the same attention to detail, each stitched by her own hand. She started making baskets 40 years ago while she was living in North Carolina. The cards came later when she was inspired by a book she picked up at a quilting show that taught how to stitch on paper.  From there she honed her technique and turned them into functional art that brings joy to everyday life.  Her works are small and detailed. The small size and details show Jacqueline’s attention to the small moments of life that make up the overall happiness of a person. Every detail in her work is thoughtful and intentional. Her art is functional but the details elevate the work to where you just want to look at the pieces and not alter the beauty of them by putting things inside the baskets. Piecing images together one stitch at a time.     

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