Rich Kolb and his father created the first Yardbird nearly ten years ago in Jamestown, Kentucky. The first Yardbird came about while they were tinkering with scrap materials. Today, Yardbirds are still hand crafted in Kentucky by a group of artisans. The flock of birds has grown from one to over sixty and now also includes many other animals.

In making their various animals Yardbirds uses recycled materials: scrap and rejected garden tools, farm machinery, bicycle and auto parts. Buying a Yardbird creation reduces solid waste destined for a landfill, and they estimate that so far they have re-used over 2 million pounds of scrap.

Each animal has its own personality. While there are certain designs produced, no two birds are exactly alike. Whether it is a turn of the head, the placement of the eyes, or the variation in the hand-painted (or rusted) finish, each animal has a delightful disposition all its own.

The things that make us happiest in life when we obtain them are not always the necessities of life, but usually the things that we do not need make us the happiest.