Ruth Koh

Ruth Koh

Eastern Kentucky University

For as long as I can remember, I have collected scenes. My paintings are expressions of how these scenes influence my mood, give me comfort, or grant me a sense of oneness with nature. I paint real and imagined places, or a combination of the two. I want viewers to feel present in these scenes and perhaps call upon their own collections of memories.

I am strongly influenced by nature's visual bounty:
Clouds have an entertaining way of sparking my imagination. I am fascinated with fleeting moments when a cloud is just so, and then shape-shifts before my eyes. Whether they are willowy streams, puffs of cotton, or threatening thunderheads, clouds reaffirm my admiration for the endless nuances of nature.

Distant views of farmhouses and barns intrigue me. Up close, some scenes are reduced to the mundane. Far away, I can always wonder who lives there. Far away, the inhabitants remain a mystery. There is something delicious about a mystery.

Changing weather brings misty mornings that often end with beautiful foggy evenings. Rain transforms dull grasses into lush carpets; it is the rain that reveals rich dark umber in craggy tree trunks.