Matthew Walker

Matt Walker

East Tennessee State University

Matt worked his way through school as a cave guide, boat dockworker and car washer. After graduating with two degrees from East Tennessee State University he found work on construction jobs throughout the southeast as a layout engineer, carpenter and dynamite man. During the 1980's he met and married his wife Teresa, started his own business as a professional land surveyor and worked as a firefighter while rebuilding his house.

Needing ironwork for his house, Matt purchased a small forge, anvil and bag of coal from a friend. His first blacksmithing project were brackets to hold a mantel onto his stone fireplace. Enjoying the strength and performance of the pieces made in the forge, Matt began to experiment with all kinds of metal working projects. In 1990 he helped to form the Bristol Forge Group to mix his love of blacksmithing with his valued friends and has never missed a meeting.

In 1995, Matt quit the fire service and started Experiments in Metal Inc. as his full time occupation. For the past 10 years this one-man operation has produced a variety of copper and steel items - mostly whimsical, outdoor pieces. Future plans include large sculptural pieces and work that incorporates different metals with wood.