Kim Kauffman

Kim Kauffman

BA/Social Science, Michigan State University

Why do I make pictures of flowers and plants? Plants have been common
subjects since humans began to record their world. How could there be
anything new that I might add? Why might I want to do so?

As long as humans breathe the oxygen that plants transpire and we
reciprocate by expelling the carbon dioxide they require, there will be a reason to picture plants. We are of one system--we need each other in order to survive. The
understanding of this symbiosis is often lost in our increasingly urban world.
Until I began to garden, this relationship seemed insignificant. As I tended plants
I learned to observe them, watching their cycles and marveling at their designs.
In time, my garden just outside my door came to stand for the larger natural
world, as well.

Along the way the stunning beauty, complexity and variation of plants and
flowers drew me in. My garden is an alternate canvas on which to work out the
dynamics of color, form and space. The plants not only sustain my body but also
inform my artist's soul.

I make images of flowers and plants to share my fascination. I wish for others to look closely as I do. If this helps lead to more curiosity, respect, and a greater
understanding of our natural world, I am satisfied.