Jim Kransberger

Jan Kransberger

University of Wisconsin

Creating in glass is not an intellectual exercise for me. I simply do what I like. And, thank goodness, people have responded to that.

I choose to explore the power of subtlety in the human form. Subtlety keeps my interest as the slight shifts within a form determine great differences in the mood or expression. I pare down shapes and exaggerate isolated elements accentuating their strength- at times highly stylizing the form.

I am most interested in creating harmony within my pieces. I like the tactile qualities of glass and the way light comes off the surface more than the traditional beauty of the material, its glossy smooth surfaces and its light transmitting capacity. I also find incorporating sterling silver and copper into the glass produces wonderfully unpredictable, sometimes mysterious color, never occurring in the same way twice.

My work is greatly inspired by nature. Not only the sights and sounds, but the emotions nature evokes in us. The themes I pursue in my work or the techniques used for its execution may vary and can represent any current fascination, obsession, or concern where the glass merely becomes a vocabulary to express something which often times is difficult to articulate.

My current, favorite quote comes from Camille Pissarro: "Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.