edie Maney

edie Maney

BA, Social Work, University of Georgia
Watkins Institute, Nashville School of Art
Cheekwood Fine Arts Center, Nashville
Mississippi State University, Starkville

Edie works visually all around her canvas to create a path through which the viewer may take a journey and perhaps even become lost in the emotions created by the colors in her work.

The language of color is profound in my exploration of the painting process. It is color that determines the shape, motion, and texture in the design and composition of my work. Emotional expression and meditation are the directive elements of my style.

I create sensually bold and commanding works with watercolor, acrylics, and mixed media on paper and canvas. By using plastic, scrapers, and squeegees, in addition to brushes and palate knives, I am able to begin in a chaotic style before developing my focal point.

Working with the canvas on the floor also adds to the strength of my paintings by giving me the freedom to continue working visually around the canvas. My intention is to invite the viewer to become lost in my paintings; like a journey, feeling emotions of pleasure, playfulness, and drama.