Betty MacDonald

Betty MacDonald

MFA, Columbia University
Arts Student League of New York

Having loved the art of drawing since a child, Betty enjoys taking her viewers on a journey through the dreamscapes of her mind and asking them to question everything, even the absurdity of man's existence.

The skill of artist and printmaker, Betty MacDonald comes naturally. She describes precious family moments when her family was in the same room quietly drawing together as the radio played in the background.

"Often, my etchings and monotypes take the viewer on a journey into twilight worlds of the imagination. Many of my works place recognizable figures out of context with their surroundings, creating a stark contrast to our normal view of everyday life, and challenging the viewers to question their values. I unabashedly invite people into my mind and soul, as I weave images of dreamscapes, allegorical figures, and people into visual stories with pathos, irony and wit. My work revolves around sensitive issues, man's relationship to man, survival, even the absurdity of man's existence.

I strive to make my etchings as intellectually provocative as they are aesthetically satisfying. My inspiration is drawn from philosophical convictions; the relationship between a person's internal and external worlds. Whether the vehicle is an inventive creature or a human depiction, there is a sustaining energy - a strength - in that being's odyssey. Some of these works express a state of mind, an emotional evolution, a wish or a fulfillment."