Norman Davis

Norman Davis

Norman Davis


Townsend Atelier - Chattanooga, TN

Portfolio Center Life-Drawing Group - Atlanta, GA


Individual Studies:

James Davis

Jeremy Davis

Mia Bergeron

Angela Cunningham

James Courtenay James

Cindy Procious

Brian Stelfreeze



My father and brother are my earliest artistic influences, beginning at the age of six.


I combine art skills with a knowledge of our world, whether it be the study of psychology, music, or science. These studies and influences enrich how I see the world and the resulting artworks.


My intent is to create works with accurate likeness. Thus, documenting each person’s spirit for current and future generations to ponder. 


Each portrait and figurative work visually empower the subject while inviting the viewer for deeper dialog. 


Portrait commissions are accepted.



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