David Kidd

David Kidd

David Kidd



Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

Dekalb College, Atlanta, GA


 At present, my work has become increasingly less calculated and more responsive to the creative process. While I may begin with an idea or concept, the painting ultimately takes on a life of its own. This method serves to create a work that is constantly evolving. Developing textures and forms determine the direction of the painting, leaving me with a feeling that my conscious input is minimal and incidental. By incorporating and encouraging random developments in the painting process, I seek to restrain intent thus allowing a more spiritual aspect to enter my work.

 The body of my work is comprised of mixed medium paintings that feature unique surface treatment and texture. The creative process involves the application of multiple layers of paint on a ground of acrylic latex and marble dust. The layers are then removed by wiping away while still wet or by sanding, revealing the layers underneath. The use of found objects, enigmatic images, and symbolic markings create an aura of historical and spiritual significance. With this work, I am seeking to convey an eloquence and maturity of expression, while maintaining a sense of mystery. It is a quest for that which transcends the transient nature of our daily lives and connects us to something more permanent and substantial.


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