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October Exhibit
October 1-31

Brought together by a passion for their craft, the artists in our October show Connections find inspiration in the timeless resilience of humankind through its refuge in the spiritual, physical, and psychological. Tennessee artist Nancy Jacobsohn, uncovering her inspiration from Ancient Chinese, Indian, and Etruscan artifacts, seeks to capture the spirit rather than
portrayals for her guardian animal masks. North Carolina artist Lisa Klakulak finds her connection with fiber through humanity's long relationship with natural materials and the transformation over time and cultures creating contemporary pieces symbolizing the security and protection of structure. Georgia artist Scott Hill's mix of styles from the 16th Century Spanish Landscapes and 19th Century Romanticism serves as the influence for translucent paint layers over canvas or antique objects often depicting figures encompassed by their surroundings thus evoking a sense of meditative reflection.

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Scott Hill:
Nancy Jacobsohn
Lisa Klaklulak