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July Exhibit July 1-31, 2015

Sensual and engaging, Michael Thiele's hand built hardwood drums are created from fine exotic woods. Each drum is tuned by the size and shape of its hand carved keys. These impeccably crafted instruments are collected by musicians and music appreciators alike. Also creating in wood is Michael Hamilton. Michael's boxes, with their complimenting grain patterns and stains, reflect meticulous technique. Brad Robertson's multimedia paintings create a window or portal to look beyond in search of something just out of sight, towards the eternal, something that resonates in all of us. These paintings with their bold color combinations and highly textured surfaces create a profound sense of depth. Whether creating sound or space, the art works in
River Gallery's July exhibit stimulate the senses and is a playground for both eyes and ears.

To visit the artists webpages follow these links:

Michael Thiele

Brad Robertson

Michael Hamilton