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Featuring NEW work by painter Scott Hill and sculptor Russell Whiting!
Exhibit available for the entire month of November!

Imagine a figure stepping out of a two-dimensional painting and becoming a three-dimensional sculpture. You might think this has happened in River Galler's November exhibit with new work by painter Scott Hill and sculptor Russell Whiting.
Celebrating his 20th anniversary exhibiting with River Gallery, local painter Scott Hill uses classical practices indicative of 16th century Spanish landscapes and 19th century Romanticism paintings to create reflective works on both canvas and antique objects. Often depicting a solitary figure encompassed by a glowing and foggy dreamlike landscape developed from numerous layers of translucent paint, Mr. Hill creates work that is at once surreal and meditative.
Primarily figurative influenced by classical forms, Russell Whiting's sculptures look as though they walked out of a painting with fluidity that steel would seemingly oppose. Louisiana self-taught artist Russell Whiting was professionally trained as an oil-rig welder. That technique manifested into the carved metal sculpture he has exhibited with River Gallery for the last 23 years. This unique method of carving away from the steel creates an engaging texture on the surface of his forms. These "brush marks", as Whiting describes them, give the steel a painterly texture often found in two-dimensional art.
These two artists in River Gallery's November exhibit are individualistic. While their technique and media differ, their works speak a similar language in texture and subject.



FRIDAY, November 27, 10-5pm! ANDREA WILSON LEAF PAINTING DEMONSTRATION!!! Meet the artist & watch her create paintings of beautiful leaves!

EXPERIENCE the ART of the DRUM!!! Michael Thiele creator of Hardwood Drums will be at River Gallery playing his beautiful drums and discussing their unique qualities!
Michael will be at River Gallery FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27 from 10-5pm and SATURDAY, November 28 from 10-5pm!!

SAVE THE DATE!!! December Opening Reception-- THURSDAY, December 3, 6:30-8:00pm!!
Featuring NEW work by: Jodi Harvey, Judith Paul,& Emily Shane
Meet the artists and learn about their work!
River Gallery's December exhibit features the work of three artists paying homage to what soon may become a lost art, the book. It is a world held in your hands. Local artist Judith Paul celebrates what precious objects books are with her mixed-media pieces using antique book covers, handmade paper, and paint, utilizing even the back of her assemblages with pages. Creating vibrant and highly-patterned, abstract collages with Reader's Digest Condensed Book covers, Tennessee artist Emily Shane explores the nostalgia of this once daily household object. Pennsylvania artist Jodi Harvey-Brown combines her two passions of art and reading into intricate three-dimensional representations of the narrative within a book, where the story is literally lifted out of the pages and brought to life.

SAVE THE DATE!!! Jewelry Trunk Show featuring jewelry artist: Katie Rogers
Meet artist Katie Rogers and experience her latest bead jewelry collection -- JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!

+ + + + + Upcoming 2015 Exhibits at River Gallery + + + + +

November.2015................Scott Hill & Russell Whiting

December.2015................Jody Harvey, Judith Paul & Emily Shane

+ + + + + Upcoming 2016 Exhibits at River Gallery + + + + +

January.2016.................Kim Kauffman, edie Maney & Judy Klick

Febraury.2016................James Conner & Calvin Nicely

March.2016....................Courtenay James & Norman Davis

April.2016......................Mary Lynn Portera & Dana Brown

May.2016.......................David Kidd & Steve Olszewski

June.2016......................Mia Kaplan