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Sister Mary Grace Thul
New York

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Media:  Print, Etching

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Light and Life Of the World
Jesus Falls a Second Time
Pages: 12345
Sister Mary Grace Thul
University of Cincinnati, College of Applied Arts

Before becoming a cloistered nun, Sister Mary Grace Thul served a summer internship at the Cincinnati Art Museum, taught art in the Cincinnati public schools, and established a custom art business with two colleagues. In 1989 she moved to St. Dominic's Monastery, where she resides today continuing her art in the Dominican tradition.

Sister Mary Grace's book of sixteen monographs entitled The Litany To Our Lady Of The New Millennium was presented to Pope John Paul II in a special ceremony in 1999 and may now be viewed publicly at the Vatican Library.

Art can be prayer. My artwork is my way of living a contemplative life. Art brings me a lot of inner peace.