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Edward Bower

Full Statement

Media:  Photography

Pages: 1234
Pages: 1234
Edward Bower

After years of pursuing dual careers in the textile industry and photography, Edward Bower later devoted full attention to primarily southern scenery through both still photography and motion pictures. Beginning with his first show in 1979 at the Mayor's Office in Chattanooga, he expanded his audience through a stock photography agency. His scenic photography is now used world-wide in advertising, travel, and promotional work.

The majority of my work is with nature - its endless evolution, its mind-boggling variety, and its satisfying architecture are challenge enough for a lifetime of discovery. Though we know it to be extraordinarily complex in construction, there is an appealing simplicity in our relationship with the natural world. Its beauty exists, I suspect, for our endless enjoyment.

In all our communications with others, we are expressing a need to feel useful in a world which seems to overwhelm an individual. I will be satisfied if my photographs say something to a viewer. The exact message is not so important as the fact that we are both enriched by the process.