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David Swanagin

Full Statement

Media:  Painting, Oil

Distant Smokies
Wild Iris
Late Summer
Tennessee Spring
Old Red Barn
Morning Iris
Lavender Field
Evening Glow
Winter Morning
David Swanagin is a self-taught oil painter specializing in mood-evoking landscapes and interiors. He originally began painting at twelve, where his focus on detail and reality formed the groundwork for more spontaneous work. His artwork now ranges from representational to impressionistic. David works in oils on masonite board, or wood panels, covers the panel in gesso to give texture and then begins to paint. He also specializes in the "gallery wrap" style where the painted image extends to the edges of the board and over onto the sides, allowing the painting to be hung as is, without framing. Being self-taught has required a lot of trial and error on his part, but successful, as David has turned out to be his own best teacher.