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Iantha Newton

Full Statement

Media:  Painting, Oil

Pages: 12
Red Clay
Great Expectations
Runs Deep
The Resting Land
The Way Straight
Pages: 12
Iantha Newton
BA, North London University, England

Iantha Newton is a native of London, England, but has resided in Tennessee for the last 11 years with her fellow artist and husband, Charlie. Spontaneous and nearly subconscious, the other worldly paintings which result from Iantha's unconscious memory. Beginning with solitary environments and moving into surreal landscapes, her works mimic the fragile beauty which makes up our world.

The works of Iantha Newton are wood panel, canvas clay, and found objects from nature. Glazing is predominant in her work for a luminous effect. At first her wood panels bore literal images of imaginary landscapes where the central figure of the work may have inhabited. Later on bas relief, elements were introduced which represented organic forms, not yet completely formed and perhaps hinted at the evolutionary history of the primary figure in the piece.

"The current works began as a series of paintings that originate from unconscious memory. In the past the central figures in the paintings have inhabited solitary minimalist environments however more recently these paintings are tending to incorporate bustling landscapes.

For me the landscape element is a great metaphor for resurrection, restoration, and healing. The embryonic-like, or petri dish, stage of the figures are sometimes alluded to and are depicted in the form of raised (sculptural) or flat elements which are sometimes abstracted out into pattern.

These paintings will usually consist of three or more sections butted together and permanently attached to each other to form one whole.

It is my intention that these images echo the beauty of our existence and are for me, a celebration of life and creativity."