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Peggy Epton

Full Statement

Media:  Fiber

My medium is fabric and thread. Rich colors, fine details, and visual depth are the hallmarks of my work. From a distance my work resembles a painting, but with a closer look, you will observe layers of fabric, texture, and intricate stitching. Every creation is original in design and a one of a kind keepsake.

Fabric is my canvas as I "paint" with thread. I use an assortment of fabrics to construct the composition, and then guide the needle of the machine to "sketch" complex details onto the work. No patterns, programmed stitches, or pencil marks are applied - even cutting is done free hand! Most of my small "art quilts" are embellished with hand embroidery, bead-work, or paint.

My inspiration lies in the natural world surrounding us - from the warmth of the sea to, mostly, the changing mountain ranges outside my window.