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Sammie Nicely
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Media:  Ceramic, Sculpture

Bobo Mask
Sammie Nicely
BS/Art Education, Middle Tennessee State University, 1975

I create art for self-satisfaction and a way of communicating with others. My art serves as a common ground for communication where each person has to bring their own identity into play in order to appreciate my work.

I identify myself as a contemporary folk artist and feel my work strongly reflects an identification with my African heritage. In recent years, my attention has been drawn to the form of mask-making. Masks have been an integral part of most societies; using masks allows me to present a realm of emotions and experiences. I feel it is important to give each mask a life of its own...

It is very important that we, as artists, in educating the public, feel an obligation to look at our past as part of our future to insure that communication continues.