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Cathy Meincer

Full Statement

Media:  Ceramic, Sculpture

Cathy Meincer

My love affair with clay began over ten years ago when a friend introduced me to the medium. Early on my goal was to become a figurative sculptor, however I loved the idea but my figures quickly started developing an extra pair of legs! While growing up my home was always filled with animals of all types, sizes and personalities and I feel this interest and passion with animals goes back to these relationships and is the inspiration for my sculptural artwork.

Each sculpture is hand built using earthenware clays. I use no molds but instead build the sculpture by using a combination of clay coiling, slab and pinch techniques. Each piece is then bisque fired and followed by finishing with combinations of oxides and glazes and refired several times until the desired finish is achieved.

My animal sculptures are typically sculpted with a stylized body and a more realistic head. I don't strive for perfection in my animals but instead focus on form, textures and details. Like people, they have their own wrinkles, warts, freckles and oddities and I prefer to give each their own personality and character.

I feel the creative process of working with the clay has brought my personality to the surface. Sometimes my serious, meticulous side comes out but often it's the more playful, silly and humorous side that dominates. My sculptures make me laugh and smile and I hope my artwork will give you the same enjoyment I feel in creating it and also provide you with the love, loyalty and friendship our real pets so graciously provide.