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Julie Sewell

Full Statement

Media:  Ceramic, Mixed Media, Sculpture

A Study of Nature
Cumberland Island
Ocean Messages
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Face Goblet
Julie Sewell
BS Education, Northern Illinois University
Self-taught artist

I am inspired by the use of texture in pottery, in textiles, and in the other arts. I have always found myself drawn to primitive cultures and arts, and much of that feeling is reflected in my pottery. I like to use found objects or everyday tools to create the texture-just as the ancient artists did. I look for texture everywhere-in nature, using leaves, shells, or wood-or in man-made items like rusty nuts, bolts, and screws. I see beauty in aged and discarded objects, and I love to search for unique items from the past.

One of my favorite objects to use for texture is the bigleaf magnolia*. I press a different leaf onto the surface of the clay for each platter or goblet I make. Each piece uniquely embodies the transformation of the fleeting form of a leaf into a lasting surface impression.

*The bigleaf magnolia is native to the north Georgia mountains. It boasts the largest simple leaf and single flower of any native plant in North America.