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Alexis Silk

Full Statement

Media:  Glass, Sculpture

Fertile Mind
Alexis Silk
BFA, Art Institute of Chicago, 2005

Alexis Silk is a student of human form. She combines her knowledge of anatomy with her passion for fire to create female figures in cast metal and hot sculpted glass. She moved to Chicago to receive her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005, where she specialized in bronze and iron casting. Simultaneously she independently pursued glass blowing and hot sculpting. Since recieving her BFA, Alexis has studied under such glass masters as Pino Signoretto, Richard Royal and Boyd Sugiki.

Her sculptures address issues on human nature and world philosophy. Specifically the interrelationship between humans, nature and industry. Also targeting feminine issues her female forms are shown as strong, emphasizing sexuality as a strength. Her work questions gender roles and stereotypes associated with women. While making intrinsically beautiful objects, Alexis subtly targets issues, representing various view points both negative and positive on society and humanities relationship with the world.