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Vicki Essig
North Carolina

Full Statement

Media:  Fiber, Mixed Media

Handwoven silk, Stainless Steel, and Antique text with Meadow Be
Handmade Silk, Stainless Steel, Antique Text with Luna Moth Stit
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, Antique Text, and Snake Vertebr
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, and Antique Text with Poppies
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, antique Manuscript, and Milkwee
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, Antique Text and Manuscript, Mo
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, Antique Persian Text with Iris
Handwoven Silk, Stainless Steel, and Antique Text with Hydrangea
Vicki Essig
Haywood Community College
Member, Southern Highland Craft Guild
Member, Piedmont Craftmen

Emerging artist Vicki Essig grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her move to Appalachia allowed her to join and pursue the long craft tradition of hand weaving. Exploring textiles throughout Europe and parts of the East and Middle East she brought with her to the Smokey Mountains the love of textiles. Here, she discovered her fascination of the hand woven at world renowned craft schools and studied at Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Program. Vicki is a member of the
Southern Highland Craft Guild, Piedmont Craftsmen and a founding member of Ariel Contemporary Craft Gallery. Vicki Essig has received recognition at shows and exhibitions, is in many private collections and has recently taught at Penland School of Craft.

I am fascinated with light and translucency, the contrast between the fragile, and the strong. With natural materials, I show the small and delicate as the powerful and significant. My work is comprised of fine handwoven fiber. I incorporate into these weavings, small found objects that find a home in the subtle piece. The work is then framed with double glass, allowing for the intricate piece to remain transparent. Shadows originating from the composition give it an extra dimension.

In viewing my work, my hope is that you will for at least a moment, become lost in the discovery of the minute, the quiet of repetition, and beauty of nature and pattern.