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Media:  Jewelry, Metal

Fullerton-Bahr is a husband and wife team who collaborate on both the design and production of their work. They have been pursuing their craft for 15 years.

Both John and Lynda have formal training in design. Lynda studied design at Syracuse University in New Your and Hornsey College of Art in London, England. John studied architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo in California and fine arts at the Ecoles Des Beaux Arts in Fountainebleu, France.

Though Lynda takes the lead on design, there are open design discussions between the two artists. John focuses more on the production and technical development of the work.

The concept of their work is to evoke the imagery of primitive art or archeological relics but in a clearly contemporary expression. The compositions tend to be a sort of collage of many varied and contrasting elements that relate like found objects within the composition.

Their inspirations are often derived from found artifacts and archeological publications. The basis of much of their patterning is found in the surrounding natural coastal landscape.

The work is usually composed with sterling armatures that are developed with collage like compositions of 22k, 18k, and 14k colored gold, mokume gane and sterling sliver with diamonds and pearls. The featured technique mokume gane, is hand fabricated by John and Lynda. It involves an ancient Japanese metal working technique of layering multi-colored metals such as gold, sterling and shakudo.