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Roelna Louw

Full Statement

Media:  Ceramic, Mixed Media, Sculpture

Roelna Louw
Self Taught

Artist and sculptor Roelna Louw was raised in South Africa where she wrote and directed award
winning children's television programs. During the 1990's she relocated to America, bought
some clay, and began telling stories in 3 dimensions.

"I sculpt because I love it. The infinite possibilities of clay delight me. I start with a thought or dream or even just a word and a bag of clay. During the process, I research, compare, add and subtract, and I disappear into a world of figure and form. Through my experiences, I seek to capture the soul and story of each piece.

Most of my work is figurative and to add to the narrative nature I hand detail some of the pieces using stains and under glazes. With my art I hope to touch the viewer in such a way that they are inspired to explore their own ideas and stories. I hope my work will bring a smile... maybe even a giggle!"