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Lynn Whipple

Full Statement

Media:  Mixed Media

Lynn Whipple
David Passalacqua School of Illustration, NY

A true mixed-media artist, Lynn takes advantage of many types of the art form. She is accomplished in everything from collage to painting and drawing, sewing, and found objects. Lynn Whipple is a Florida native and shares her life with her husband and fellow artist, John, and their two cats.

"I am a mixed media artist in every sense of the word. I draw, paint, collage, sew, dip things in wax, journal and use found objects in assemblage. I relish the search for interesting items and have always been fascinated by history, old books, lost letters, worn fabrics, family photographs, wooden boxes and odd pieces of memorabilia. My process is to surround myself with all these found items and play. My work may be playful or serious, simple or complex, large or small.

I am currently involved in a body of work called the Ninny Series. I have been collecting old photographs for over 10 years, and have amassed more than a thousand images, mostly portraits. I usually start by collaging the image onto wood or paper, then using acrylic paint, drawing and found objects, I find what I feel is most interesting about the photo and twist it. Often, Ninnies have wings, strange ears or antennae. Men might wear dresses, woman may have bird legs, big hair or even horns. Some wear handmade clothes but none of them take themselves too seriously. Perfection comes in many imperfect forms. The ninnies are a testament to that idea."