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John Whipple

Full Statement

Media:  Mixed Media, Painting, Oil

Young Man
John Whipple
University of Central Florida

John Whipple, a master of mixed media, creates anything from collages to sculpture. His whimsical style speaks for itself yet invites each viewer's own interpretation.

"I start most of my work with a wood panel. I primarily use Finland birch because of the wood's beautiful grain and light color. I try to push different painting processes by experimenting. Sometimes, I will take old paper and collage it for the base patter. Usually, I try to integrate the grain of the wood into the imagery. I do this by drawing the design in charcoal. I use a kneadable eraser to create highlights and define form. Once I am satisfied with the image, I seal the drawing into the wood which also brings out the wood's grain and luster. I then carefully layer thin transparent oil glazes over the drawing. Letting the oils completely dry between layers, I build up the color intensity while still allowing the drawing and wood grain to be seen."