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Marty Whipple

Full Statement

Media:  Jewelry, Sculpture, Miniatures

Pages: 12
Botanical Drawings
Chair with Letters and Red
Botanical Drawing
Botanical Drawing
Pages: 12
Marty Whipple
Art Institute of Chicago

Working with silver, brass, and found antique objects, Marty's original works of art come together like well-designed puzzles. While the category is jewelry, wearable sculpture is more descriptive. The
juxtaposition of silver and brass, together with found objects, antique pieces, pillboxes, photos, watch parts, buttons, all circa 1800 to 1930, is the core of these creations. The designs are original works that have come together like small puzzles or collages as the work progresses. Much of what you see is found or discarded objects, something that once was regarded as useless or broken has been used to create something new.

The technique of creating these pieces comes from years of collecting, designing, casting, forming and working with multiple or mixed media's. The use of antiques as part of the design makes them very original and distinctive.

Recycling is another word for rebirth or giving new life. By incorporating these objects into the designs, it is giving them a new life.