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Traci Rhoades

Full Statement

Media:  Sculpture, Wood

Pages: 12
Carved Box
Beehive Birdhouse
Wooden Birdhouse With Carved Base
Wooden Birdhouse With a Carved Body
Carved Wooden Picture Frame
Santa Cat
Santa Icicle Ornaments
Wooden Spoons
Walking Sticks
Walking Sticks
Pages: 12
Traci Rhoades

I have lived in Michigan most of my life and have always shared a deep appreciation and closeness with nature.

It was not until my husband bought me a set of carving knives for Christmas, that I seriously began pursuing the gift. There is something personal about holding and molding the inner beauty of wood. The character of wood coupled with the hue of seasonal changes is an extension of its rich heritage. I like the creatures in my carvings for their whimsical and uplifting affect they bring to me