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James Courtenay James

Full Statement

Media:  Painting, Oil

Pages: 12
"Enlightened Thought"
"A Shadowed Thought"
Diffused Light in a Green Room
Variations on a Theme
Woman with Tilted Head
Laughing Woman
Boy in Blue Cap
Woman Looking Back
Art Lady - Head
After Bouguereau
After Bouguereau - Head
Pages: 12
James Courtenay James
Graphic Design, Georgia State University

Representational painting can be more than just the reproduction of contours. I strive to create the illusion of three dimensional space formed by light and color - the interpretation of a unique moment that lives on the painted surface. My images seek out the abstract details hidden in commonplace subjects, inviting a fresh examination.

My technique draws on centuries of European oil painting. First a monochromatic underpainting establishes composition, form and value. Over this base, layers of transparent and opaque color glazes build depth and luminosity. Spatial relationships are manipulated by changes in the quality of edges, the contrast of cool colors and warm, and variation in surface texture.