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Andrew Crawford

Full Statement

Media:  Sculpture, Metal

Threaded Bar Study (Final)
Treaded Bar Study (Scroll)
Forged Bent Wrench
Bathtub Gin Front
Bathtub Gin Back
Andrew Crawford
BFA, Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design

Andrew Crawford is a sculptor who finds his inspiration in the interaction with common objects and a genuine affection for creating things. He is a professional blacksmith and often chooses his subject matter from that which he finds in the workshop. Crawford is drawn to objects which are engineered for efficiency and strength while interacting and yielding to the demands of the human body. The resulting works often celebrate highly considered, mechanical shapes which are juxtaposed with visceral forms relating to the figure. Through his respect and recognition of familiar imagery, Crawford's goal is to challenge his viewers to rediscover that which is often overlooked.

Crawford graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1993, where he concentrated on sculpture. Working primarily in bronze and iron, he investigated metal fabrication and mold making and created a thesis based in the transformation of everyday objects into metal. He made bronze, iron, and steel representations of these objects in order to remove them from their normal environs and play with their visual and thematic associations. This theme continues to infuse his work and creative process.