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Rachel Nicholson
North Carolina

Full Statement

Media:  Fiber

Ocean's Floor Global Warming
Yellow Vessel
White Vessel
Appalachian Autumn
Winter Scene
Buds I
Rachel Nicholson
BA, Studio Art, Meredith College

As a child Rachel grew up amongst the flowers her aunt grew for the local florists. After studying art history, Rachel became greatly influenced by field painters and abstract expressionists. Her early years of experiencing the color on a daily basis connected her to those styles of painting, and she became intrigued with the psychology of color and how it influences emotional responses. Rachel graduated in 1996 and has worked with felt ever since.

As a felt artist, I work experimentally to develop new methods. I enjoy the risk involved with pioneering new techniques and the problem solving one must do to produce a desired result. I am challenged to create feltworks that fit with our contemporary environment and venture beyond the strong ethnic heritage that often accompanies this medium. Each piece is developed by intuitively responding to color, texture and the many organic forms within nature. My goal in working exclusively in the felt medium is to enlighten and promote awareness of this beautiful art form.