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Nancy Fleming
North Carolina

Full Statement

Media:  Jewelry, Metal

Birdhouse and Nest Necklace
Turquoise and Sterling Silver Necklace
Acid Etched Sterling Silver Necklace
Fossil and Roman Glass Necklace
Horn, Pebble , Clay Broach
Nancy Fleming
University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC
John C. Campbell Folk School
Miami University
Penland School of Crafts
Arrowmont School of Crafts

My work represents the influence of emotion and spirit upon our lives. Passion, whether heartache, pain, joy, elation, or love is my source of inspiration. Metal is the language I use to tell my story. Using mixed metals, gemstones, and collected objects; I express life as I see it. Imagery from within provides the challenge for my hands to create the work. Every piece is a narrative, affected by memories, beliefs, and dreams. My goal is passing on this energy and creative spirit that inspires me.

I use handcrafted metalsmithing methods that are centuries old. I am drawn to surface textures that can only be achieved using traditional techniques such as hand forging, milling, and individually poured ingots made from reclaimed metals. Gemstones provide a pallet of color to enliven the metal. Collected materials like twigs, washer, clay chards, fossils, bone, meteorite, and African beads add another layer to the story. Clay can be molded and cast in silver or bronze to add a soft hand-carved touch.