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Scott Hill

Full Statement

Media:  Painting, Oil

Pages: 123
Let Go
April Showers
Pages: 123
Scott Hill
BFA, Painting, University of Georgia 1994

I was told at an early age I would grow up to be an inventor. As a child, I enjoyed being creative and making things, and I dreamed of using my love of drawing to illustrate books. All these past experiences came into fruition when I discovered oil paints, and now my inventions are created through my paintings.

I feel by giving less information, I can say more. Working on surfaces such as paper, canvas, panel, and a variety of antique objects, I create images of a forgotten time.

The dreamy hue and texture of my work is the result of layering paint using a technique called ‘glazing’. Glazing allows the array of colors in all the layers paint to seep into each other.